Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preschool Program

There is a pretty funny story about that tutu. A mom from their preschool class came in with it to give to another mom. When Lily saw it she grabbed at it and said "my princess dress" Once it was pried from her tiny hands I explained it was not hers and we would have to get hers when we got home. The mom replied and said she makes them as a business and would bring one for Lily to wear in the program..... how sweet is that. Of course Lily is a princess aren't all little girls?

The one picture I have of Preston on stage. He was on the opposite end of Lily where I couldn't see him.

Lily is being sweet to the little girl checking out her tutu.
The things kids will do for suckers! Like stand still.
Goof ball!

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Robyn said...

how far are you from san antonio? we're gonna be there in june. just wondering....