Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Potty Training

No not yet...... well no not really.......... not at all! HAHA I have been so scared to potty train. You see when Ashley was 2-3 years old she was in daycare. Daycare did all the hard work, I just had to reinforce it when she was home on the weekends with me. With the twins I have no idea what I am doing. The other day we will say May 11th but really I can't remember, my way of not dealing with potty training, lol. Anyway the other day Lily was eating breakfast and had the I gotta poop face. So I asked her "Lily did you poop" She replies "nope no poop in dhere" pointing to her diaper. I then asked "do you need to poop?" She shakes her head and replies "yes" So we go to the bathroom I put her on the potty and she poops! I was so excited I think I scared her because she hasn't done it since. Preston of course comes in to see what all the excitement is about and says he wants to poop too. he then sits on the potty, gets up in 2 seconds, then exclaims he needs to turn on the potty (flush the toilet) "all done" he says. That was our short lived potty excitement. I guess I will keep asking if they need to go potty......... I am sure they won't go to kindergarten in diapers......... one an only hope right?
Here is a picture of Preston after he "went potty, and turned the toilet on" he had to wash his hands but didn't want to take the time to get dressed first.

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