Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Texas travels

Whew we are here and well. We were to fly out at 8:30 am on Saturday but our flight crew got in at 2 am so they had to rest before taking off again. Then there were a few engine problems, then bathroom problems. Eventually we got in the air around 11 am. The best part is when the pilot came on and said we are still having bathroom problems so if you have to go #1 that's ok but the other one will have to wait. We got into Newark and thought we missed our connection but it was delayed so it worked out perfectly for us. We caught that flight and arrived into Houston at 7:30. Let em just tell you there were lots of people in the Newark airport that didn't have flights. I hope they all make it home for Christmas. It's stressful being in the airport with no flights and small kids.
We had some issues at the rental car place when they tried to fit our family of 5 with luggage into a Rav 4. Seriously? We were given infant seats instead of convertible car seats. About 9:30 we got it all figured out and headed to my sisters to finally go to bed. Very long day!
We have had a blast and been on the go since we got here. Sunday we did Christmas at my brother's with my most of the family. Monday Aaron and Ashley went to the mall and the babies and I met up with some friends to hang out. Later in the afternoon we headed to Louisiana. We are here now eating some good ol cajun food and spending time with the family.
It makes me realize how much I miss home.


Hajar said...

Happy Holidays and safe travels!

Betsy said...

I'm glad to hear you made it to Texas finally--even if it did take forever! It'll have to be better on the way back, right? We miss you guys! Merry Christmas!!

Annie said...

Merry Christmas!!!!

Amy said...

I'm so scared to travel with small children by air! I haven't overcome my fear enough to even entertain the thought...yet. I do know there will be a trip to Disney somewhere in our future, but I'd drive it if I could. (My husband would refuse, though.)

Glad you're enjoying your trip home. Where in La. did you come?

The Montgomery Clan said...

Have a safe trip home! We made it in last night at around 4:30am. I guess that would technically make it morning. See ya soon!