Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well the snow came and went. There is no more snow and it hasn't snowed since Wed. According to my thermometer the temp right now is 33. Hopefully it will snow this evening since we are planning to go to a local park to the lighting ceremony. Ashley has her school Christmas ball tonight so stay tuned for pictures.
The babies are great. They are doing really well with the tree and decorations. We haven't put the play yard around it yet. We let them help us put up the tree and let them touch all the ornaments and play with the stockings. I guess now it's lost it's luster the way I see it if you keep telling them no they will WANT to keep doing it. The stairs are a different story I am not ready to let them hike up the stairs just so they won't want to do it anymore.
I am also happy to report they are on 100% whole milk. The nurse said to give it another try when they reach their original due date which was 12-2 since they were 5 1/2 weeks early. I tried last week, eventually went to 100% and it stuck. No turning back now!!!
No bottles or formula ahhhh the freedom.

In case that snow comes back......... we're ready!
Preston mitten...... it's going to be hard keeping these together. I might have to buy more.
Lily's mittens
Stand up big girl!!!!
Did someone say TACO?

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Annie said...

I love the picture of Lily with the taco. So cute.

HAve a nice weekend.