Thursday, February 4, 2010

Batten down the hatches baby!

We are in for a big one....... or so they say. When you live in the north Atlantic you learn to believe it when you see it. Apparently there is a storm brewing and it isn't a Texas thunderstorm that I miss so much. It's a blizzard blast and not the one from Dairy Queen.
Here is what the warning said a few minutes ago.

Avalon Peninsula North
10:17 PM NST Thursday 04 February 2010
Blizzard warning for
Avalon Peninsula North
Blizzard conditions are expected over the above areas on Friday.

This is a warning that blizzard conditions with near-zero visibilities are expected in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

An intense low pressure system southeast of the Grand Banks will move northward to lie east of the island on Friday. Snow associated with this system will spread through eastern sections overnight then move westward across the island on Friday. Snowfall amounts are expected to range from near 35 centimetres over the Avalon Peninsula to near 25 centimetres along the northeast coast. Lesser amounts are expected over the remainder of the island. As well strong northerly winds gusting up to 90 km/h are forecast for Eastern Newfoundland and combined with the fresh snow will give blowing snow and blizzard conditions on Friday and Friday night.

That's about 14 inches for those like me that need an app for that. Thankfully Aaron got back from a short trip offshore today. He was located about 100 miles south of the Grand Banks. It was so cute we saw the helicopter fly over while we were out shopping this morning and Preston said "heli- coc-ter" I said "yes, daddy is on there" His face just lite up. Lily of course chimed in with "daddy at work!" She doesn't miss a beat.
I hope Aaron's brother is able to fly in tomorrow night. He will be our last visitor in Newfoundland before we move back to Houston. Andy, I hope you bring some sun with you, or at least warm clothes.

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