Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twin separation= bedtime success!

Finally got fed up and separated the twins for bedtime. They are always separate for nap time only because Lily doesn't always nap. Preston falls asleep within minutes, Lily not so much! Tonight I put them to bed at 7:50 and at 8:30 still heard the pitter patter and jumping off the bed of little feet. I went to the garage got the extra gate, turned on every light up stairs and opened their door. All I could hear was "momma whata doin? momma?" I wanted to leave them guessing. I got the gate all set up and announced to Lily to gather her blankets because she was moving to a new bed. Both asked where's Laaaalllly, where's Dedson once they were in different beds but after about 10 minutes they were both asleep. Ahhhhh silence!!!!!!!
Maybe this will be practice since when we get to the new house they will have their own room.

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