Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Multiples and More traveling tips

Multiples and More question of the week: travel tips

*Did you find it helpful to travel at night?
When we used to go to LA we would travel right after a meal (breakfast or lunch)

*Did you bring a pack'n'play for each child? What were the sleeping arrangements?
As far as sleep it doesn't matter if we travel by plane or car we don't usually bring pack and plays. When we go to TX by plane we borrow 2 pack and plays from family. When the twins were babies my mother in law got 2 pack and plays to keep at her house. It's so worth it not to travel with them. There have been a few vacations that we questioned weather to bring them or not. We have been to Disney and didn't bring them there because they had pack and plays. We often go down to a beach house and have had to bring them because we weren't able to borrow them or the place didn't provide them.

*Did you try to preserve your kids' schedules as much as possible?
YES. No matter where we were if it was time to eat they ate. This makes things much easier when traveling. Always keep snack on hand for those pre meal meltdowns.

*Any tricks for getting your kids to sleep in a new environment?
We have always tried to keep them on schedule but if they don't sleep then they don't sleep. I have found that my kids usually sleep better on vacation than they do at home only because they are so exhausted by the end of the day.

*Do you have any "special" toys that you brought with you to avoid a meltdown?
TOYS are a must for travel I usually carry a backpack as my carry on because it's just easier to keep up with. I go and buy toys that my kids haven't seen before. Last time we flew I got them each a Disney activity pack that had markers, stickers and stamps. I would usually freak out about them having this stuff at home but on the plane who cares. I wiped down the seat and are with a baby wipe before we exited the plane and it was all good. These stickers kept my kids occupied for the whole flight.

*Are you more lenient with your kids on trips than you are at home?
Yes it's just easier. I will give my kids french fries for every meal if it keeps them occupied while in the airport or on a plane.

*What items do you find indispensable for traveling? When the twins were younger and we travelled with their car seats so that they could use them on the plane we purchased the Go Go Babyz wheel attachments for the car seats. It turns any car seat into a stroller so you don't have to travel with a stroller. We bought an double umbrella stroller to keep at my sisters since that is where we stay when we go to TX from Canada. Now that the twins are older and don't need the car seat to sit on the plane seat we purchased the Kids Fly Safe Harness. They are great and they can use them until they are 4 years old. I find it so much easer to use these than the airplane seat belt. It turns the airplane seatbelt into a 5 point harness which my kids are more inclined to sit and stay in.


Lani said...

Thanks for playing along this week:) The plane restraint system looks awesome- so much better than lugging a carseat!

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Precious babies you have!!! Sending you a vote at Mommy Blogs! Enjoy those sweet babies!