Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These crazy days!

These few weeks since I have been back in Canada from Houston have been full of decisions. We have been trying to decide what is the best time for us to pack up and leave the frozen tundra we have called home for 2 years. We still have the house here until April 14th and we didn't really want to just pack up and go back to Houston with Aaron still being here. What we have decided to do is stay here until April 1st then fly down together, Kiki and all, to Houston then go to Louisiana for Easter. Our stuff will be packed and loaded on March 29th-31st. This works out best and Aaron will actually be in Houston next week to close on the house.
As a family we are all doing well. Ashley has adjusted fully to life back in Texas. She is loving being with family down there. She misses us but is happy down there. Ashley and my brother have even started bike riding at night around the trails in the neighborhood. Preston and Lily are growing like weeds it is so funny to hear some of the things those two say. Lily's latest is "dats phunny" with an obnoxious laugh. Preston is a jumper. The kid will jump from the table if I let him. Every where we go he is jump, jump, jump!
Nap time is still a struggle. I really think that they just don't burn enough energy in the morning to go down for a nap by 12:30. They wake up at 7:30 and with the crappy weather we don't leave the house everyday. I have tried quiet time, just separating them and letting them play in separate rooms but Lily gets up and stands at the door and yells for Preston and when he is sleeping she wakes him up. Once we are in Texas I will put them in separate rooms but for now it's just nap time that they are separated. Preston is pretty good about napping but Lily is not she could stay up 12 hours straight with no nap. She isn't pleasant at 6:00 but she can stay up. I am seriously considering just dropping nap all together. I mean it's not really fun (not that it's supposed to be) for any of us. I am making trips upstairs every 10 mins to close doors, put clothes back on, change diapers, put them back in bed.
Tomorrow we are going to a playgroup and I plan to burn some of that toddler energy hopefully that will work.

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Shelley said...

OH MY GOSH......Don't drop the nap! That's crazy talk! :-) Seriously though, we're having the same issues because they're not burning off enough energy with the cold weather. Give it some time and maybe it will improve as the weather does. At least I hope so! Easy for me to say, right? Spring is just around the corner for us. :-)

Emery does the same thing..... "dat's funny" and the obnoxious laugh! The drama queens!