Monday, April 6, 2009


Now that we have moved to an iMac we discovered this really cool blog publisher. It's called Blogo. It's a publisher which means you open Blogo and type your post there and it updates your blog. Let me just tell you how nice it is to drag and drop pictures rather than open them one by one and only uploading 5 at at time. I am so glad to be married to a techy guy that help make my life easier when it comes to things like this.
We had a successful SPRING CLEANING weekend. We started on Saturday afternoon and cleaned the house top to bottom. Dusting everything in sight, moving and cleaning under furniture, and even putting the heavy winter coats away! Hopefully that wasn't a mistake but I am thinking winter is over. On Sunday we tackled the outside. Aaron washed my car and cleaned the inside. WOW thank god I got the heavy plastic floor mats made for winter, salt and slush. They were disgusting, full of dirt and salt, ewwww. We had a nice weekend and the weather was nice enough to play outside and get some much needed fresh air.
Remember how little the babies were last Easter. hehe

Our first iceberg sighting.

This one is cool you can see our house with all the pack ice in the background. Most of which is gone since we had some rain the past few days.

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