Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Since Thursday about midnight we have had such a blast with our friends and their little girl. Kiera is so funny and says the darnest things. She plays so well with the babies too. Yesterday the weather was perfect , blue clear skies, no wind and a temp of about 50. We woke up and went out to Cape Spear and Signal Hill to see the 3 ice bergs that were in the Atlantic. There was one that was huge and I wish there was a way to tell how big it was. It was sticking up way over the horizon so that's a pretty good indicator that is was a big one.  We went to Montana's for lunch before heading to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner. Man it's nice having 4 adults go to the grocery store because we can all spread out and get the shopping done way faster. Oh oh we also picked up the stuff to make sushi. Jenn and Kevin have made sushi before but we have been a little nervous to try it. My sister gave Aaron and I a sushi set that includes dishes and a recipe book for Christmas. We plan to make the sushi tomorrow so I will let ya know how it turned out. Last night we cooked bacon wrapped scallops and cheese burgers on the grill, yum!!! Once dinner was over and all 3 kids were bathed we headed down to the basement. The boys picked on the guitars while the girls scrapped until 2 am!!!! The Easter Bunnies are pretty tired today. 
This morning we went to church. We really enjoyed it. They are a fairly new church and very new to the current building they are in. The service started a little late but that was ok because we didn't get there until about 10 after anyway. The worship team played alot of the same songs that our family is used to hearing at our old church in Houston. The pastor was very sweet and really made us feel welcome. Now we are just here relaxing while the kids nap. We didn't get a chance to dye eggs yesterday so we are going to do that this afternoon while Aaron cooks seafood chowder. Tomorrow we are also going to try and find some of those king crab legs we cooked while Aaron's parent were here. 
Jenn I am so glad you didn't start weight watchers before this trip, poor thing would have been exceeding her point limit for sure. Seriously we don't always eat like this.

I haven't uploaded our pics from yesterday so go to Jenn's blog to see them.  


Melisa said...

If you go to they map out the locations of the bergs and grade them by size and shape. No real large ones in this area yet... but it's early in the season yet :) Happy Easter!

Kim H. said...

Sounds like a fantastic time! I'm glad she didn't start WW before the trip too - that takes so much out of vacation!! :-)