Friday, April 3, 2009

Follow up Friday!

Joe asked:
Do you consider yourself to be an assertive person? What situations are you least assertive in? Are you one of those people who thinks of all the right things to say AFTER an argument is over or during?
Answer: Yes I am assertive. I am loud, outgoing and pretty confident. There are times though that I shy away. If I am in a new situation I try and be cautious. I ALWAYS think of things to say after the fact. I have a hard time keeping my big mouth shut and thinking before I speak. lol

Ethan, Zach and Emma's mom asked:
This may have been asked before, but what are the grocery stores like there? Similar to the US, like a Super Wal-Mart.
Answer: We have Wal Mart but it's the small one like you see in rural towns in the U.S. our grocery stores are nice and have really fresh produce. Some even sell really cute clothes. We also have a Costco.

Hajar asked:
I'm not sure how far you went in school, but do you ever consider going back to school? If so, what type of degree would you work on?
Answer: Great question. I didn't go to college. I often wonder what I want to be when I grow up. When I was young I always wanted to be a teacher but not so much now. I have lots of experience in the insurance industry and loved working as an insurance agent. If I did go back to school I would probably get a degree that would help me to open my own insurance agency.

Annie asked:
My questions is: How do you organize your house and what kind of container (I don't know if is the correct word) do you use for organizing?
Answer: In our house I try to make everything have a place otherwise it get cluttered. I use baskets, plastic bins, book shelves, drawer organizers. My favorite is a bench with a rack underneath we have in the playroom that I put plastic bins on to hold toys like blocks, cars, and other toy sets.

Dustin (my brother) asked:
When are ya'll moving back to Texas?
Answer: Not sure, the assignment was for 3 years from March of 2008.

Robyn asked:
Twins questions:
1 nap or 2? Are they using spoons and forks yet? Are both walking?
Answer: 1 nap from 12:30 to 2:30, sometimes 3-3:30. We give them forks but of course they can't use it very well but they do try. It's pretty entertaining to watch! Yes both walking practically running all over.

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