Friday, April 24, 2009

Follow up Friday!

Annie asked: What kinds of exercises do you do?(hope you use the correct words, remember that english is not my native language, but I understand a lot of it).
ANSWER: I only work out at the gym. I have a wonderful husband who bought me the Wii Fit for Christmas. Unfortunately I have only used it once, it's in the basement and when I go down there all I want to do is scrap. At the gym I do yoga or some other types of classes, a 20 min circuit training and one of the cardio routines on a elliptical or treadmill. Now if I could only watch what I eat I bet I might be able to lose weight. 

Joe asked: Our province gets alot of publicity each year on the seal hunt. What is your opinion on the seal hunt?
ANSWER: I think that if a hunt is conducted in a humane way and for food then it's ok. It's my understanding that baby seals can no longer be hunted due to government regulations. Humans have been hunting for thousands of years in order to survive. I don't think the seal hunt is any different than a deer hunt, moose hunt, or fishing. I have never seen protesters outside a deer lease in Texas protesting the start of deer season. 

The Mommy Diaries asked: Since you've already had a girl with Ashley, what is your favorite part about having a boy?
ANSWER: I am so glad someone asked this because lately I have been thinking about this. I am one of those mom's who would have had 5 girls and tried again for a 6th just to get a boy. I think every mom needs a son. With that being said my favorite part is how sensitive he is. I know it may not last but he will just come up and give hugs for no reason. With Lily and Ashley (not sure if it's s girl thing) they are just on the go and don't want to stop. I also notice that Preston is so cautious. For example if the basement door is unlocked he will open the door and stand at the top, Lily opens the door and proceeds to climb head first down the stairs.   

Mama Jean asked: Do you think the twins are seperating from each other, seeing the pictures of Lily feeding her baby and Preston looking so big boy in his outfits?
ANSWER: No Way!!! They go back and forth. Lily will play with trucks and Preston will try on her dress up shoes. They still follow each other around everywhere. HEHE Right now they are at the stage where they are testing each other and us. Lately we have had alot of snatching toys from one to another. I have to tell Lily that "Preston was playing with that and she needs to give it back". It's usually Lily who starts it, but she will give it back then drop to the floor crying so I say "Preston do you wanna give Lily a turn" and he will give it to her.
These next 6 months will be lots of learning to share, playing nice and testing Aaron and I. I can already tell that they know what is naughty and nice. Preston opens the trash can then looks up and shakes his head no no. I can't help but think "if you know it's a no no then why are you doing it" or right before they drop their forks on the ground while eating they shake their head no no. Once again then why are you doing it?

I elaborated on alot of answers. I feel it gives me the chance to journal our daily life and hold onto these memories. 


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I love reading your answers! I agree with you, I think every mom needs a son. The mother/son relationship is so special!

Joe said...

good points on the seal hunt Staci!