Sunday, April 19, 2009

A day of flying

When our friends Jenn and Kevin got here, Aaron and Kevin started talking about renting a plane. Since Kevin is a pilot for a living I thought who better to go flying with then him.  The only thing holding them back from making the 3 hour drive to Gander (the only place on the island that rents planes) was the weather. So Wednesday they checked the weather and since Jenn and Kevin were scheduled to leave Thur they pushed their trip home back to see if the weather was going to be good enough to fly. Well on Friday it was. The boys left in the morning and made it to the airport in Gander about 2 pm. They were able to take a few pictures but not too many since Kevin was busy flying the plane and Aaron was busy learning to be co pilot. Jenn and Kevin are already talking about their next trip up, next time the guys are talking about renting the plane and bringing it back to St John's for the night. I am not a big fan of flying in the small planes but I can watch the kids while Kevin, Jenn and Aaron go up.


nanna said...

exactly how much did Aaron enjoy flying in that airplane?

Aaron said...

I had a blast. Kevin has had many hours in those small planes, so he knew exactly how to handle it.

Unfortunately, the weather wouldn't clear and it was literally freezing cold and we had to shut it down from the snow.