Thursday, July 31, 2008

9 months old

Oh gosh how time flies. As I sit here and listen to the laughter of my 2 little babies I can't help but wonder where did the 9 months go. I think about things they have done and things we will do. I don't ponder on the things they should be doing because frankly it will come in time. They don't drink out of cups (I have only offered water to them in a cup twice) They have only had juice once. (What's the point it's not like they are thirsty) They eat stage 2 and 3 baby foods but not the chunky stuff. (I tried but they gag) I read on my monthly newsletter to introduce a 9 month old to bits of toast. Are you serious, are they nuts there is no way I am giving them toast.
In the words of my mother in law "have you ever seen a kid in high school doing it" by this she means that the baby will give it up one day I have personally never seen a high schooler with a binky, sippy cup or diapers. I try not to follow the standard "your kid should be doing this" motto. I try to make it through each day with a smile and a shower. If I can do both of those things then I am great. I don't know where this rant came from I guess reading the newsletter of milestones, development and what your kids is doing now kind of set me off. I feel better now. Thanks for reading hehe
I do think they are trying to change their schedule. For the past 2 days they have eaten lunch at 1 and gone down for a nap at 2 (yesterday was an exception) Today they weren't even showing signs that they were ready to eat at noon. I decided to hold off. I fed them at 1 and let them play until 2, gave them their bottle then put them in bed. Not a peep, Preston slept until 3:15, Lily until 3:30. They used to eat lunch at 12 and get a bottle at 4 then eat dinner at 6. Now I guess they will eat at 1 then not eat until 5:30. Just when everything seemed to run smooth the babies have to change it up on me. I guess we will see how the next few days go.

Last night I was all alone in this house. Ashley was at an over night camping trip and Aaron was offshore. Around 11 the lights started flickering and it came a down pour. I was worried about Ashley because I have never seen it storm here where the lighting strikes every second and the thunder rattles the windows. So of course I stayed up until 2 am worried about here and listening to the babies whimper after every clap of thunder. Ashley informed me this morning that they were cozy in the cabin instead of in their leaky tents. *huge breath of relief*
Must go now I hear a rumble in a babies tummy.

Oh I need to show some pics of our cakes. Well that's another post. We didn't make it to our last class. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Happy 9 months Preston and Lily!! Staci the babies are super adorable!

Kim H. said...

I think you're really smart to just be patient and let the milestones come in their own time. Is it really that important if they've used a sippy cup by 9 months? They're still going to be accepted to college, right? So who cares?!

Wow - I would love to hear a wonderful thunderstorm - I sleep so well with those, but it's been FOREVER since we've had anything close!

Courtney said...

9 months. WOW.... time flies! it seems like yall are adjusting well and that the kiddos are doing great!

Nanna said...

you really do have a smart mother in law, everything in its own time, can't wait for carrot cake and to give everyone a big hug and a kiss 3 weeks!