Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy America Day

Happy 4th of July. I sure wish I was at home eating some of may daddy's great brisket sittin back drinkin a beer!!! Ahhhhhhh

Ok I can dream right. Well the weather here is awesome it's 74 and sunny. We went to run some errands while Ash was at the rock climbing place. On our way we saw a sign that said Mark Day Canadian Idol, come celebrate. Well this guy that's on Canadian Idol is from our small town of Portugal Cove. We drove by the park but there weren't many people there. They staff guy said he will be there between 3:30 and 5:30 so we decided to head home since we were starving. On our way home we were practically run off the road by a limo, firetrucks, police officers, tv crews and a whole slew of people honking their horns. Mark Day had arrived. We still went home but it was pretty cool. We will watch it on the news tonight. I guess it's like American Idol when they go to the people's home towns and there are cameras and bands and people everywhere.
We will watch it on the news tonight.

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