Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jazz fest and Whale watching

We are so random here. When the weather is nice we do things on a whim. Friday when Aaron got home from work we went downtown to eat sushi and went to the St John's Jazz Fest. There was a stage set up on the harbour and you had to pay admission to get in. We decided to lay a blanket on the grass on the hill in front of the stage, outside the gates.....free show..... sweet! It was a nice relaxing night and full moon coming up over the harbour was awesome. It helps to be prepared with this family. In my car I have a bag with a towel, blanket, extra baby food and clothes.
Saturday we stayed home because the weather was foggy and rainy. Sunday we woke up to a beautiful blue sky. We went and ate breakfast then headed down to Cape Spear, the actual most easterly point in North America. There is a museum, 1836 lighthouse and a World War II battery. The WWII battery was cool because there are still underground bunkers leading to underground barracks. We saw a few whales off the coast. Actually we saw more than we did when we paid for our whale watching boat tour. There were 2 times when we saw 2 or more whales together, mostly just the blow of water from their blow hole. Some were closer to the shore than others. At one point we saw one dive so we could see his hump and tail. Take a look at "Staci's web album" to the left for all the Cape Spear pics. We headed home and built a camp fire so we could make smores.
Take care until our next adventure- Staci


Kim H. said...

I love it - it's like a constant adventure/vacation... and the best part is going home to make smores!!

Mama Jean said...

Poppa and I love 31 in nice weather. Ashley is just beautiful, Preston still looks like Randy and Aaron and Lily is the perfect image of you.
It's wonderful that things are working just like Aaron said(a working vacation)
miss and love all of you
mama jean and poppa