Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not to be out done by Lily pie! and other random stuff

Preston is working on saying DADA!

Here are a few pictures and videos from our playgroup:

She always has her tongue out, so cute.

Lily swinging.........

Preston swinging......

The babies love getting out in the fresh air. I just put them on a blanket and they are entertained by the kids. Our last playgroup we didn't get done until after lunch so I just gave them a bottle to hold them until we could get somewhere to give them food. We met up with Aaron at Wendy's. They ended up eating food at 1 pm but, hey whatever works right?

Lily trying on a hat before we go to the beach. (she is still in her pj's) Check out that farmer's tan!

Sunday evening Ashley and I went with her friend and her friends mom to see Dark Knight. It was really good. Heath Ledger did an awesome job as the joker. He was actually really scary.

I totally forgot to mention what my wonderful husband did on Saturday morning. He got up with the babies and had them fed and breakfast cooked when I woke up at 9 am. I love when he does this it gives me a few more hours to sleep and really gives me more energy. It's amazing what a few more hours of sleep will do for you.

Look what I finally found at the grocery store:

We love tater tots and I have been on the look out for them since we moved here. I also found Pace Picante sauce. Still no Blue Bell :(

We are doing well. Ashley has 2 soccer games per week so we all head out to the soccer field to cheer her on. The babies do well. We feed them their food here then give them their bottle at the field while they are in their stroller. I have started putting their pj's on before we leave because it makes it easier just to put them in their bed when we get home. Before we would have to change them when we got home which woke them up and got them all excited thinking it was party time. I am so glad we have been taking them out with us since they were about 3 months old. It has helped now since we are a family on the go.
Ashley started her day camp this week. She selected a few to sign up for a couple months ago. She has a kayaking one next week that she is really looking forward to. Today they are going on a 10km hike. 6.2 MILES!!!! I hope she has her walking shoes. Yikes. Tomorrow they will end the camp with an overnight stay at a local park. I am so glad to have our last cake decorating class tonight. We have learned alot but there is alot of at home preparation.

Playtime with sissy...



Kim H. said...

I love the swinging videos... so cute!!

Katja Stahr-Long said...

So much fun! YOu guys are really making a life for yourselves in Canada. You all look great and happy. Can you believe it has been 2 months or so now that you have been gone. We all still miss you but I love keeping up with your life through the blog. Thanks for taking the time during your busy life to keep us up to date!