Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not much to update

We had a pretty relaxing week. It rained for a few days so we stayed home. When the weather cleared we met up with a few girls for a playgroup at a local playground. Ashely went with us this time. She had a blast running around with all the little kids. She played soccer with them and helped them swing and play on the see saw. The moms all said I have to bring her every time now. She is such a little mother but she will never admit to wanting kids some day. Silly girl she will have kids. Friday I took Ashley to get her hair done. Everyone here has some sort of color in their hair. The kids are allowed to wear it to school so it's no big deal. I told Ashley I didn't care what she did to her hair but that when school starts I wanted it to be toned down or back to normal. So she went all out. She dyed it black, pink and orange. It's "wicked" as they all say here. She loves it and if she is happy with it then so am I.

Saturday we went to the beach, even Aaron went with us. We saw one of Ashley's friends from soccer so we invited her over to hang out. They had a good time making a camp fire, talking and just doing whatever teenagers do. It was nice to have a friend over and keep Ashely from "being bored" lol
The babies are awesome. It turns out that they don't have check ups here until 12 months when they get their next round of shots. I have made their appt for their check up and shots for when they turn a year but I want to know how much they weigh. I will probably get a scale just to see how much they weigh.

Do you think Lily is too big for the swing:

Preston relaxing in the stroller:


Anonymous said...

hi staci! lily looks so cute in the swing still. i had to put that thing away since jacob started napping in his crib but he is still using his tummy time mat! that shoulder strap for the stroller is so cute where did you get it?

Katja Stahr-Long said...

"WICKED" Ashley! the twins are just so beautiful...maybe they should have gotten their hair done too????

Double the blessing said...

Dao the stroller strap came from Babies R Us. They are really comfy and the stroller straps don't rub against the babies.

The Stone-Simmons Family said...

Hey there! I love the new page and Ashley's hair. Savannah wants to do something like that but can't bc of school and cheer. She would love it!

Where did you create your page?

Kim H. said...

I LOVE the new page look...

Ashley's hair is wild!! I'm glad she likes it - it'll def be a picture that you'll show her in 15 years and she'll just shake her head. My sister has several of those pics!!