Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another awesome day

My goal is to get a good picture of all of my kids. Here is the best one so far. This was yesterday on the forth of July.

Our babies are getting so big. I literally cried while putting these pictures in here. I love them so much.

Today we went to the beach to get our feet wet. The rocks are a little hard to handle.

We had an awesome day. We went to the local beach and then to eat some fish and chips. The fish and chips place was packed, line out the door. We decided to pull out the blanket. Aaron waited in line and ordered while Ashley, me and the babies relaxed on the blanket. It took about an hour for our food but we skipped rocks and played on the beach until then. We had an awesome day. I love hanging out with Aaron, Ashley and the babies and being outdoors, especially when the weather is nice.
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Kim H. said...

I love Preston's smile in the first picture - he just looks all lit up, very cute!