Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another blast from old man winter

Yesterday we woke up to about 5 inches of snow. For the first time I had to clear the drive way. Aaron caught an early flight to Halifax so if I was going anywhere I had to learn to use the snow blower and move that snow! I decided I would clear the drive way after the babies went down for their morning nap, around 10. I got all bundled up goofy hat and all. (hehe) It wasn't as hard as I originally thought. I guess the look of a big piece of machinery or anything that says horsepower is enough to scare most women. Once I figured out the wind direction and which way the chute needed to point to avoid snow coming back and pounding me in the face I was good. Seriously the whole snow in the face is not fun, now that you have that vision, picture a car driving by as you are being pounded in the face by flying snow. I am sure it was obvious to the people passing by that this was my first snow.
Looking at the weather tonight we are expected to get another storm tomorrow with 5 to 7 inches, thank god Aaron is back!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You're lucky it's just snow--tonight it's supposed to be about 20 below zero! Brrrrr.

Kim H. said...

Oh how funny - too bad there aren't pictures... maybe you can get some of Aaron so that those of us down here in the South can have a point of reference. :-)

Schoen Shenanigans said...

OMG! I can totally imagine this.. lol. Oh the experiences that you are going to have while there..Have I mentioned that I would gladly move up there, lately?

Hajar said...

I admire a woman with confidence in her 'handiman' abilities.
I thought it was a scream when I met a woman who did not know how to put air in her tires! I wanted to ask what planet she comes from... but I just smiled and told her to take me to the gas station with her and I'll fill her tires. If she wanted me to, I could have changed her oil, her air filter, her spark plugs and rotated her tires too. Tee-hee. Women don't have to be wimps in order to be feminine.
I applaud your determination to learn how to accomplish the feat of removing the snow from your driveway. Wah wah wah (punches fist in air).

Betsy said...

too funny, staci! i don't snowblow yet, but i shovel. i haven't yet convinced shaun that we need the snowblower, but i guess i'll have to learn to use it once we get one. stupid trips to halifax! ;)