Thursday, January 22, 2009

Follow up Friday

I got alot of great questions this week.

Deanna asked:
1.Where do you get your arts and crafts ideas?
Most are just floating around in my head but others come from websites such as skip to my lou, scrapbooking websites and I love taking an idea that I see and making it my own.
2. What's your favorite thing to do during the day? (With the kids, with out the kids)
With kids is going outside to play. Although we don't do that very often now. Right now I guess it's going to the book store or to playgroups. Without the kids, probably date night with Aaron.
3. What is your biggest challenge during the day?
The evening hours when it's dinner time, kids need to be bathed, kitchen needs to be cleaned and we all just feel like crying. I have learned to start dinner earlier even if it means it's ready and we have to re heat. At least we aren't waiting to eat while listening to tired kids.
4. Do they have pizza delivery?
Where we live, no hehe

Hajar asked:
Do your babies have times when they would rather feed themselves than let you feed them?

I don't really feed them anymore unless it's yogurt, applesauce or oatmeal. They don't mind when I have to feed them especially since they LOVE yogurt, oatmeal and applesauce. One day I will be brave and just give it to them with a spoon........ one day.
Would they sometimes rather eat what you are eating than to eat what you've offered them?
We pretty much eat the same thing unless it's spicy or I am eating a sandwich for lunch and they are eating veggies. I will give them my crust though. lol We even gave them salmon the other day. Preston was not amused. In those cases we give them ravioli or vienna sausage which they love.

Jenn asked:
1. Why do you like scrapbooking as a hobby?
I love the idea of preserving memories for my kids.
2. What meal do you prepare that is delicious?
My favorite is garlic chicken
3. Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?
4. What is the hardest thing about having twins?
The long days but I am sure that is the case with all moms. If the babies aren't feeling well or are cranky it makes for a very hard day x two!

Tasha (sister in law) asked:
1.How did you and your husband meet?
Aaron was a friend of my brother, Dustin and yours before I met him. Aaron was visiting friends in Virginia and Tasha was supposed to pick him up from the airport. I decided to go with her and my first impression was he was an ass. After spending lots of time with him we fell in love. awwww. We got married a year later in Vegas which was his idea. He didn't tell me until 2 weeks before we left.
2.Do you miss the working?
I miss being part of the working world. I miss being appreciated, my last boss really loved me and was very appreciative. I always heard mother hood is a thankless job and it's very true.
3.Why is your brother so weird? hehehe
Well I am sure my parents would have to explain this one because Aaron says I am a little strange myself.

Mama Jean asked:
If you were to have a child born in Newfoundland, would it be a citizen of the U S or NL?
It would have dual citizenship because we are US citizens living in NL.

Joe asked:
When you moved to Newfoundland, did you have any preconceived ideas about Newfoundland (or Newfoundlanders) that were either proven or disproved after living here?
I must admit that before I moved here I had never heard of it but after researching online I found that it is a very beautiful and cultural city and the people are so friendly. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to have all the luxuries of Houston (Target, Mexican food, specific brands) Since living here I have realized I am not missing any material things. I guess you adapt to your surroundings.
The main thing I was worried about was making friends. I have always been outgoing but have a hard time making friends because well I have been told I come off as bitchy. That idea has been dis proven because I have made friends, I have been able to make meals and do just fine with what St John's has to offer.

Courtney asked:
What are the babies eating these days?
It's probably better to tell you what they don't eat. They don't eat pretzels, nuts, or chips not because of allergies but because they are hard. They do eat peanut butter though. They are great eaters and will eat just about anything. I stay away from sweets or anything high in sugar. They love fruit and veggies so I am hoping to keep that trend going.

Once again you haven't disappointed me. These are really great questions and it gives an opportunity to view a part of our lives that I may not talk about.


Hajar said...

I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. It's nice to learn new things about new people that we meet. I check your blog almost every day to see what new tidbits of information you've shared. I was so hungry for contact with other moms of multiples, and that's when I started searching through blogger and found you. I enjoy having this connection with you and other moms of multiples I've met through blogging.

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

These are great! What a fantastic idea. I think I've got a few questions...are you going to be doing this every week?