Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter storm video

Here are a couple of videos for my southern followers. Picture tropical storm force winds but snow and not rain. Good times! We have a snow day here, schools closed, work closed, us in our pj's and the smell of gumbo cooking on the stove.


Kim H. said...

Wow! That's serious snow... geez- I'd freeze to death! Enjoy that gumbo.

Hajar said...

I'd love to see some snow flying right about now...I'd take it as an excuse to cook some hot cocoa.

Jen said...

I'm in Ontario and we've had piles of snow here since November. January and February are usually when we get dumped on, so be prepared much more to come. It must be such a neat experience coming to this snow from somewhere so warm. How are the kids enjoying it?