Friday, January 16, 2009

Follow up Friday

I only got a few questions but I am hoping this catches on and I can do it every week. Here are my answers.
Kelly asked:
What is your typical schedule for the twins? nap times, bed times, etc. My twins are 14 months and starting to mess with their nap schedule. another ? they use pacifiers?
Answer: Our schedule has pretty much stayed the same since the babies were 7 months old. We wake at 7 - 7:30 and eat about 8. Change clothes, play or go run errands or playgroup, sometimes if we have to run errands we either do it after lunch or before morning nap. Nap is at 10 usually about an hour. I put them down for naps in separate rooms, Preston in the pack and play in the guest room and Lily in her room. This helps alot since Preston would wake Lily up right as she was falling asleep and she would not go back to sleep. 11, Wake up, play, eat lunch at 12:30. Play or go outside. Afternoon nap at 2, about an hour. wake up 3 - 3:30 snack. Ashley gets home so she will usually play with them while I do any cleaning/laundry I didn't get done in the morning. I start cooking dinner about 4:30, Ashley studies or does homework while the babies watch baby einstein, word world or elmo or just walk/crawl around the kitchen or empty the tupperware cabinet. We try to eat dinner between 5:30 and 6. Aaron gets home about 5:30 so he keeps them entertained while Ashley finishes her homework and I finish dinner. We all eat at the same time, then give the babies a bath, clean up and to bed at 7.
I try to play with them alot during the day so they will sleep good at night and during naps. Although today they fell asleep on the way home at 1 and stayed asleep when I put them in their bed, I think I will try and move to one nap this weekend. We ate lunch while we were out about 12 so I am thinking maybe I should start there. They have been having issues with their afternoon nap over the past week so I am thinking they are ready. We will see!
As for the pacifier. Preston loves his binky and I try to only give it at sleep time but always have one handy in case of melt downs. Lily has never liked them but loves to steal Preston's.

Jen asked: My question is what do you like most about living in Canada and what is the biggest difference between living here and the States. I'm one of your Canadian followers.
Answer: Oh Jen where do I begin...... just kidding! It is a lot different because I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am used to hot, humid summers with lots and lots of mosquitoes. I would have to say the biggest difference is the weather. I have never been anywhere so cold. Today it's 9 degrees or -12 celsius. What I like most is the scenery, it is so beautiful here. The ocean is amazing and the sky is so blue. There are lots of outdoor activities to do during the warmer months and it's very family friendly. One thing I have to complain about though is the shopping here in St John's, there isn't much. I am used to be able to get whatever, whenever in Houston. I suppose there isn't anything I NEED that bad though. It's pretty relaxed and laid back here so I have learned to just go with the flow. So far I like it here I just wish it was a little warmer.

Thank you for asking your questions and I look forward to more next week.



Annie said...

Good questions and great answers. I'm anxious to read the next round of questions.

Have a nice weekend.

Robyn said...

My twins are 1 yo and we have the same nap schedule that you have. I don't use the separate room aproach though. I think because I have all three boys in one room, they have learned to sleep through a bit of noise. I might consider the pack n play for my 2yo though. He likes to play games and he keeps the babies awake with peek a boo. I'n not looking forward to going to only one nap a day... yikes. When do you have "down time"?