Friday, January 30, 2009

Follow up Friday

Joe asked:
How does your husband feel about Newfoundland?

Answer: Aaron is always up for a change so moving wasn't too hard on him. Don't get me wrong he loves and misses his family but he sees this a better opportunity for our families future. As far as being here in Newfoundland he likes it. As a family we have become alot closer and have enjoyed being here.

Trisa asked:
What words are the Lily and Preston saying? Do they have any absolute food dislikes? Any tantrum throwing yet?

Answer: They are saying more and more every week. We can't understand it all but here is what we have so far. BOTH- dog, duck, ball, daddy (dada) night night (ni ni) hi, thank you (dat do) Kiki, our cat (didi) Ashley (Ahee) Just Lily- bear, baby, bye bye, bubba. They only say mama when they are crying or are feeling bad.

Dislikes- Lily isn't very fond of bananas, I know really bananas doesn't every kid love them! Preston likes just about anything.

Tantrums- YES!!! We are starting to see more especially from Lily. She has this ear piercing squeling scream that makes you take notice. Most of the time it's when Preston takes a toy from her.

Kim asked:
How is Ashley liking Canada? Is she involved in cheerleading this year? How is that going?

Answer: Ashley is loving it. She is a cheerleader at her school. She was selected by her cheerleading coach to be on the dance team. There were only a few spots so we are really proud that she was invited to be on the team. She takes tumbling as well. We were fearing that this move would be hard on her but I think when we move back it will be harder since these are the days when you really start to get your life long friends.

Hajar asked:
What is your favorite thing to do when you get an opportunity to go out by yourself? What is your favorite non-kid-related thing to do at home when they give you a chance?

Answer: I like to go out with girlfriends and enjoy a mom's night out.
Non kid is by far scrapbooking. Anytime I get a free moment you can find me in my basement cutting, pasting, listening to music while I get my creativity out on paper.

Mama Jean asked:
Are your purchases and money dealing with American dollars or Canadian monies? Are the prices at stores considered American prices or Newfoundland prices?

Answer: There aren't any places around here that take American money so it's all Canadian. All stores are Canadian prices. It has been different getting used to the price of things. It seems like everything is more expensive but it's because the Canadian dollar is worth more that the American dollar. Right now if you have 1 Canadian dollar and exchanged it you would only get .82 cents American.

Deanna asked:
What is your heating bill like?

Answer: Funny you should ask this since I just paid my bill. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. We have electric heat so you can imagine how much it is especially since the heater is always on. I am about to invest in a few electric blankets and one of those heat dish things I keep seeing at Costco. I will say it was between 5 and 7 hundred this month!


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Forgive my wife...she is monetary challenged. :-))

The the Canadian dollar is worth LESS than the USD right now.

If you exchange 1 USD you will get 1.21 CAD. So something that costs $121.00 here is actually only $100 USD.

If you take $100 CAD and exchange it, you will get about $0.83 US.