Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Q & A Wednesday

A little late, sorry!!! I have been doing really good and going to the gym 3 times per week. Well today I had to be there at 9 so I had to get my but in gear early. While we were out we went to the store. Now we are back home, lunch is done and the babies are napping. The one nap has been going great. I have been tweaking it a bit because if the babies go down any later than 12:30 I have found that it takes them longer to go to sleep. I have been trying to do lunch and in the bed by noon.
OK so anyway here we are the middle of the week. Last week I had some great questions and hopefully you got to see a side that I don't always talk about. Well since I normally only talk about my kids anything is new information.
So ask away! I will follow up on Friday.



Trisa said...

What words are the Lily and Preston saying? Do they have any absolute food dislikes? Any tantrum throwing yet? Thanks for letting us ask you questions!

Kim H. said...

How is Ashley liking Canada? Is she involved in cheerleading this year? How is that going?

Hajar said...

What is your favorite thing to do when you get an opportunity to go out by yourself?
What is your favorite non-kid-related thing to do at home when they give you a chance?

Mama Jean said...

Are your purchases and money dealing with American dollars or Canadian monies? Are the prices at stores considered American prices or Newfoundland prices?

Deanna said...

What is your heating bill like?