Friday, February 6, 2009

Follow Up Friday!

I know it looks like I didn't get any questions this week but I did. Joe, one of my Newfoundland mom friends sent me an email. For some reason the comments section isn't working for her. I promise I didn't block you Joe. Jenn commented the day before because she knew she was going to be busy on Wednesday. Thanks for participating and keep em coming.

Joe asked:
Do you think it's going to be hard to leave Newfoundland...would you ever consider permanently settling here?

ANSWER: I do think it will be hard to leave because we are making friends here. I also worry about Ashley she is at the age where she is making good life long friends. She will complete 2 years of high school here (grade 9 & 10) so I just worry about her leaving her friends when the time comes. With technology the way it is we will always be able to keep in touch. Permanent....... unfortunately no. We have always said that no matter where we go Houston will always be home.

Jenn asked:
How are the twins personalities the same? How are they different?
ANSWER: They are both pretty laid back and sensitive but Preston is very funny and Lily is very sweet.

If you had to "sell" Newfoundland to someone in a few sentences, what would you say? ANSWER: Newfoundland is a beautiful province where the people are friendly, the air is fresh and the adventures are endless. It's a great place to make lasting memories!

Besides friends and family, What is the one thing you miss about Houston and why? What don't you miss?
ANSWER: It's silly but I really miss Target & mexican food ok that's 2. Sometimes the weather.... this time of year in Houston is awesome! What I don't miss is the TRAFFIC!

Where do you see yourself in five years? In twenty?
ANSWER: Good question. Ashley will be almost 20 and hopefully almost done with college and soon off to law school. The babies will almost 7 so they will be in school. I will probably own my own business or be doing something with Cypress Calling. We will be living in Houston...... I hope. hmmm I don't really think 20 years ahead but here goes Ashley will be 34 and probably be married with kids of her own. The babies will be in college and probably sucking every penny from our retirement. Aaron and I will still be working, saving for retirement and spending time with our family.

If you had to pick your kids' abilities and talents now, what would you say they will excel at? (does that even make sense?)
ANSWER: Yes it does make sense. I already see the rhythm ability in Preston. I am sure he will do something with music. Aaron always wishes he would have started playing the guitar when he was younger. I am sure with Preston he will have something musical by the time he is 3. Lily she is a total girl, very sweet and caring. I see her doing something along the lines of helping people weather it be a great mom or a doctor! Lily and Ashley are very similar. Ashley is genuine and caring. She is sensitive and even though she says she doesn't want kids I know she will be a great mom. With that said I think Ashley will be a great attorney which is what she wants to be. She loves to argue and debate so I think that will come in handy.

Kelly asked:
Do you plan on having more children? If the answer is no is b/c it was difficult to have the twins, would the answer be different if you could get prego with ease?
ANSWER: I would love more children but in my case I can't just have sex and poof I get pregnant. We do have one frozen embryo from our first IVF cycle. We have said we will do a frozen transfer with that one but if I don't get pregnant I don't think we would do a fresh cycle. However if I didn't have fertility problems (sometimes I think this is god's way to control my urge) I would say I wanted 2 more, yea call me crazy!


Kim H. said...

Great answers - I love that you started this trend. Thanks!!

Hajar said...

It seems that most of the twin moms I've met online got them through IVF. I had no idea infertility was so rampant that so many people have to resort to that. I'm glad God allowed doctors to discover how to help infertile women conceive. I'm sure you feel blessed by this type of treatment. Two of my sisters are infertile on their own, one got pregnant with clomid and it looks like the other one is headed in that direction. I, however, did not need any drug or fertility treatment to get my twins. It's funny how different any women can be, but we are sisters and very different when it comes to fertility.
Sorry, I didn't mean to go off on a tangent.