Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Q & A Wednesday

As always all questions are welcome. Post a question in the comment section for me to answer, emails are welcome too. I have had some really great questions and I think my readers have seen another side not always talked about on the blog. Please come back on Friday to see all your answers for Follow up Friday.


Mama Jean said...

I am now an old woman, but, I remember raising young babies feeling so inadiquate. a feeling that nobody qppreicates what I do
Do you get these feelings also? Have you ever thought of using your talents of superior scrapbooking as an income on online?

Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

What activity/toy do you enjoy playing with each child?

As a mother of twins, what do you feel you do well? What do you wish you did better?

What advice would you give someone pregnant with twins (no, I am not pregnant with twins :) )

Asking your question...
What qualities do you like about yourself and Aaron? What would you change?

If you had a $100 dollars and couldn't spend it on bills, how or where would you spend it?