Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow up Friday!

Jenn asked:
If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?
Answer: Wow anywhere? Tahiti even though I have never been there it looks like a place that would appeal to me. Of course my whole family would have to move with me.
What physical thing would you change about yourself if you could easily?
Answer: For sure my mommy belly

Kim asked:
What would be your ideal job? - other than being a Mommy. :-)
Answer: I have never really thought about it. There are different things I would love to do like own my own daycare, or insurance agency or a school nurse but mostly a photographer.

Do you notice things about the kids that might lead you think they might have a certain career when they get older? (Like you've noticed about Ashley... I know it's early, but I'm just curious.)
Answer: Preston will follow in his daddy's foot steps and be an engineer. Everyday I see his little wheels in his brain turning. Lily I think will be a vet or do something working with animals or helping people. Ashley says she wants to be a lawyer. I think she would make a great social worker she is very caring and I can see her fighting for cause.

What would your main wish or desire be for your kids in their lives?
Answer: To have wings to soar to new heights and roots to keep them grounded.

Joe asked:
Have you had a chance to take leisurely drives around town or the little communities yet? What's the prettiest spot or your fav spot you've seen so far?
Answer: Yes as a matter of fact we drive around quite often. Just this past weekend we drove to Middle Cove, Conception Bay then back home along the coast. My favorite spot though is Cape Spear. It is really the edge of North America and it is amazingly beautiful. This summer we are going to venture out around the bay to the little towns along the coast.



Hajar said...

I loved the pictures of your favorite places! Gorgeous!

Kim H. said...

Great answers!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Answer: To have wings to soar to new heights and roots to keep them grounded.

im always grounded :(
hahah love you mother !