Monday, February 2, 2009

One of those nights

The babies both woke up with the green funk on Saturday morning. This is the kind of funk that their eyes are all crusty and their nose is just gross. We had a long weekend inside but they aren't cranky just crusty. lol So last night we put them to bed at 7 and I kept hearing Lily coughing but it sounded like she was choking so I went in to check on her. They were both awake and did not like it when I peeked in and quickly peeked out. After a few minutes of screams and and it was obvious they were not going back to sleep I brought them downstairs to hang out with us. Oh I forgot to mention, Preston has his molars coming in and Lily has 2 more front teeth coming in. It seems they always get sick when they are teething. So anyway we gave them some milk and Tylenol, let them hang out a bit and put them back to bed. Not a peep until 3 am when they both woke up again. I got them out of their beds and laid on the floor with them for 30 minutes or so. Put them back in their bed and again they fell asleep until 8:30 this morning....... wooooo hoooooo!!!!
Whew I hope tonight is better. I guess it would help if I didn't stay up until midnight scrapbooking. hehe


Kim H. said...

I hope they feel better soon... it's no fun being sick, and I'm sure it's harder when they're babies and they can't tell you exactly what's wrong.

The Synnott's said...

my kids have hsad that for about 4 days now... the coughing has slowed and they still have the nasty crusty nose

Hajar said...

Ah, so you've been working the night shift lately. *whew*

Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

Aww the teeth....hate them!

I wanted to post my questions now for your Q and A post in case I miss it with my busyness...

How are the twins personalities the same? How are the different?

If you had to "sell" Newfoundland to someone in a few sentences, what would you say?

Besides friends and family, What is the one thing you miss about Houston and why? What don't you miss?

Where do you see yourself in five years? In twenty?

If you had to pick your kids' abilities and talents now, what would you say they will excel at? (does that even make sense?)

Answer away!!!