Sunday, February 15, 2009

Silent Sunday!

I don't have alot of pictures this week because my computer has reached it's breaking point. Everytime I put pictures of videos it tells me I am running out of space. We are working on this issue until then enjoy these.

We got a dress for Ashley to wear to Andy's (Aaron's brother) wedding in May. Don't worry she will wear something over it.


Mama Jean said...

staci, you don't have any pictures, only x.

Shelley said...

Hi! I'm early for Q&A, but your post made me think of something I've been meaning to ask.....

How many family pictures do you actually have printed for photo albums or to use for scrapbooking? I've taken over 12,000 pictures of the kids (18 months old) since they were born! Because they're all digital, I don't have many printed pictures and I'm not really a scrap-booker. I am planning to use blurb to turn my blog into a book, but I just can't decide what to do about the buzillion digital pictures. Anyway, just curious since I know you're good at this stuff! I thought about maybe picking 20 of the best pictures from each month, but of course it's hard to narrow it down. :-)