Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 5 and 6 and 7

Wednesday we went to the museum. Most of it is stuff about Newfoundland but it's good to see a little history about where you live. They had a giant squid and polar bear that were pretty awesome.

Day 6 we went downtown to meet Aaron for lunch since he was down there at a meeting for work. He took off all week but couldn't get out of this meeting. He called around lunch time and said it was going to be a while. We just picked something up and took Ash to her hair appt. Her hair looks so good. She is all ready for school. We registered her Wednesday. Later Aaron got home and we went to eat sushi. Nana and Pop have never had sushi. Nana loved it but Pop didn't. We went to get ice cream afterward since he at least tried it.

Day 7 we are hanging around the house since we are going to eat dinner tonight. Aaron and his dad went to Costco and got some Alaskan king crab legs. He said they looked so awesome he wanted to try them. Aaron's mom said that's the only request she had is that she eats king crab while she is here. He brought them home and we steamed them up. I have never had king crab either boy oh boy is it good. They are huge too.


Katja Stahr-Long said...

Oh Man!!! Just tell me what time is dinner!!! Hope you have some yummy garlic butter to dip those gorgeous legs in!

Jenn & Kevin said...

HOLY COW!!! Those are HUGE! When I come...I want those!!!