Saturday, June 28, 2008

A nice relaxing weekend

We went out to dinner last night to a steak restaurant in downtown St John's. It was so good!!! We fed the babies before we left and they stayed awake until our food arrived. We had them out of their car seats so everyone came up and had to look at them while we were waiting for our table. All the pretty girls love to come up and make Preston laugh. Aaron doesn't mind. hehe
Today we had a whale watching tour scheduled but it was foggy so I rescheduled to tomorrow. Ash and I went to Sears to finally get a microwave. I kept saying we were going to get one but just never got around to it. We also found a scrap booking store. It was ok they didn't have nearly as much stuff as Michael's has. I looked at some stuff at Michael's and it is very pricey. double what I am used to paying. I stocked up on most things before I left so I should be good.
We came home to Aaron starting his first batch of beer. Chris inspired him to create his own brew. Well also the fact that beer is $24 for a 12 pack. The stuff we drink anyway. We found a local brew store where Aaron could get the whole kit to brew his own beer. So the rest of the day Aaron brewed beer, I got some of my scrapbook stuff organized, Ashley played with her soccer ball, watched tv, surfed the net and the babies did their usual play, eat and sleep. Aaron also cooked a pork stew. Man it was so good! It's nice that we live in Canada but can eat something like that to remind us of home.
Tomorrow we will try the boat tour again. Ashley's first soccer game is on Monday so she is busy practicing to get ready to kick butt!!!
Take care and we love and miss you all.


Mama Jean said...

I was just thinking that I read and wait for you to tell us how you and the family are,but, maybe you want to hear from us too. Poppa and I are doing the usual thing that we do in La.(cooking) Today I'm doing crawfish while they are still in season.(also baking a cake, my usual Sunday one)
Presley is talking up a storm, don't know what she is saying but being cajun we don't understand her anyway, She just likes to talk and we like to listen. None of us have plans for the 4th, too hot and too much grass to cut!Lots of luck to Aaron with his beer, Ashley, be sure to kick butt for us!!! Kiss the babies and tell all those girls they are bothering Aaron, his dad had that same problem when Aaron was a baby, and Tommy did'nt like it either!lol
Till we see all of you,
Mamma Jean

Kim H. said...

You know - if you do run out of stuff... you could always buy it online and have it shipped up there? Or get one of us to pick it up and ship it to you.

I'm glad you guys are taking so well to this adventure, and I love hearing about all the new and different experiences you're having.

We miss you guys!

Kim H. said...

Oh - and I forgot to say that I wish I was at Mama Jean's house for a peice of cake today!! HA!

Double the blessing said...

Yes I love to hear what's going on in your world too.
I want some cake too!

The Canadian Carrabine's said...

I was here to comment on the beer price, but now I have to add I want crawfish! I was shocked when I saw the price of beer, $24 for 12, and that I had to go to the liquor store to get it. Oh, and dandelions are a big issue here too. I haven't looked for Weed and Feed, but I'm sure they don't have it. Oh, and you want to try to get to know people now b/c if its like here, everyone goes in to hibernation for the winter. You should meet people through soccer though. I know for about 6 months I had absolutley no one to talk to up here. Now we have friends in the neighborhood, and we hang out often. And we mostly got to know them during Rugby practices and games. Which is great, b/c you know they have kids similar in age.