Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lots of things.

Ashley and the babies sitting on the Labrador statue. There is a Newfoundland statue beside the Labrador.
Moving day. Is that truck big enough? Apparently not because they put Aaron's bbq pit (300 lbs) on top of our brand new wood desk. We are filing a claim on our broken, scratched desk.
:( It's probably our most favorite piece of furniture too.
Our moose friend. I hope he comes back to visit but stays away while we are outside. We have been going on walks during the day. It's a real hike up the hills, but we are getting used to it.
Get away from my tree!!!!

Yay we have internet. We received the kit on Monday but since there is an alarm on the house they had to send someone out to bypass it. So today we finally have the internet. We just got satellite yesterday. We have been watching one channel for over a week. (CBC)
I am also happy to report that Kiki has been found and is in the loving care of Dustin and Tasha until we can get him in October. Tasha is a little upset though because Kiki is not used to being in the house and loves her brand new couch. She has resorted to a spray bottle of water to keep him off the couch. We are still missing Sabine but Kiki has been my cat for over 7 years and I was a little upset about him missing. Sabine was a take in from a neighbor who was moving. I am sure someone is loving on her somewhere.
We have had some awesome weather since we have been in Canada. With the exception of the sunrise at 5 AM and the sunset at 9:30 PM. Seriously it's crazy and since our house overlooks the bay not many windows have shades on them. The first morning we were here I heard the babies waking up so I went into their room and sang their good morning song. When I glanced at the clock and realized it was 5 am I nearly fell over. It looked like it was 8 am outside. It has taken a few days for the babies to get back on their schedule, ok it's been a week but they are back to going to bed at 7 and waking at 7. There were few nights before we moved into the house and we were in the hotel that they were waking 3 or 4 times a night. I thought oh joy it's like having a newborn all over again. Thank god we got past that.
We have also had some pretty amazing food. Starting with the seafood chowder Aaron made last Saturday. It had salmon, scallops, shrimp and cod in a cream sauce. Seafood is really cheap here so I am sure we will be eating alot of it. I got chicken today ON SALE for $5.99 a lb. Gas is $5.50 a GALLON, today, (sold by the liter), milk is $3.61 sold in 2 liters only. That's at Costco! It's crazy how some things are pricey but others are not. I got baby food for .33 a jar and formula $20 for a big can. Diapers are about the same.
My last but favorite story so far is our first moose sighting. Aaron was in the office and Ashley and I were in the living room when we heard Aaron yelling for us to COME SEE! There was a moose in our front yard. He was huge. He wandered around before he headed off into the woods beside our house. I saw him about 30 mins later in the backyard eating the leafs off one of our trees. We got alot of pictures of him while he was in the back. Apparently the moose are on the move because there are all sort of signs and commercials on tv and radio to look out for them crossing the roads.
I miss everyone and hope you are all well. Sorry for the long time between posts. Now that we have internet I will post more often. Not having the tv or computer was good thing through because the house is completely done.



Kim H. said...

I can't wait to see pictures!! I'm glad that the babies are back on schedule... and that the moose is providing entertainment... because at $5.50 a gallon - you might not drive anywhere!!

diana and chuck said...


miss you all already. thanks for keeping us updated with the postings.
need your email and home address.
will miss you all this weekend for the bday party.


The Schoens said...

I love the pics. It looks a bit Nippy there huh??
So did you name the Moose?? I think it should be Bulwinkle. Just a thought ;)
Love you guys miss you bunches keep us updated on EVERYTHING!!!