Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our first day in our new country

I will start with Sunday. We went to Dustin and Tasha's to say our goodbye's and to try and find the cats. We could not find either of them when we went Saturday but thought we would try again Sunday. I drove all around the neighborhood and could not find them. We made a bunch of lost cat signs and hung them on every mailbox in the neighborhood. So needless to say we left for our flight with out our cats. I called Home Again (micro chip company) to report them missing. Hopefully someone will find them, I have had Kiki for 7 years. We even went to the old house and let them know in case the cats decide to pull a Homeward Bound on us. The good bye's were tough Jakob looked at me and said Staci you look so sad! Katharine said Aunt Staci crying. It was pretty tough. We went to Michelles to get our stuff packed and say our goodbye's there.
Monday morning 5 am. We get up and are out the door by 5:30 to go to the airport. Michelle and I tried to avoid each other since we already said our goodbyes and shed some tears the night before. We didn't want to have to do it all over again.
The airport was great. We got there and got all checked in. I fed the babies their food while Aaron checked in the bags. We then boarded the plane and fed them their bottles while we took off. There was an empty seat next to me so Ash sat there. That left an empty seat next to Aaron. Preston slept the whole time and Aaron got to hold him and watch a movie. Lily decided to take cat naps and watch 27 dresses with me. The flight to Toronto was awesome. I wish I could say the same for our experience in Toronto. We got there at 11:30 am. Our connection was to leave at 1:50. Shouldn't have been a problem except we had to go through customs, immigration, secondary customs, get our bags, recheck them and then go through security. We thought we were doing so well. We got our bags put on a cart and Aaron was running like a mad man through the airport. We got to the customs agent and Aaron practically ran over another passenger. I asked him to please calm down and he said well he should be able to see I am in a hurry. It was hilarious I could imagine what this guy was thinking seeing Aaron barreling toward him with a cart full of luggage with fury in his eyes. We had a long line in immigration so..............
We missed our connection. The desk clerk then said we had to go back down get our bags and re check them for our new flight at 4 pm. So Aaron and Ash went down to do this while I laid a blanket and some toys on the floor and played with the babies at an empty, quiet gate. By this time it was 1 pm. Ash and Aaron sat down there for 2 hours while the baggage agent tried to locate our bags. I finally called him and told him just to leave them and come to the gate. We all made the flight to St John's and got in around 8. Our luggage did not make it. It was fine though because I had plenty of stuff for the babies in our carry on. Air Canada gave us car seats for the drive to our hotel. The luggage was delivered first thing this morning.
We woke up and went to the customs office to declare our household goods. The moving company will be there tomorrow to unpack our stuff. Aaron went to the office for a little bit and the rest of us went to Costco. We all met back at the house ad went to dinner at Aaron's new favorite sushi place. We stayed at the house for a while though while Ash and and Aaron went exploring. I am trying to remember all the details since it has been a blur the past few days. We have lots of pictures that we will have to post in the next few days.
Off to bed we have an early morning. I miss everyone. The weather here was 65 degrees today and very sunny!

Love you Staci


Kim H. said...

Glad that the trip was safe and relatively easy... I'm so sorry to hear about the cats, but I'm sure they'll turn up soon and be on their way to Canada too.

Jenn & Kevin said...

Wow, what an adventure. I am glad you are safe and sound. Your poor kitties. I will pray for them.
It was a balmy 95 degrees here....LOL!!!

dawnmanuel said...

I can't believe you are all gone. I know we had our farewell dinner, but it just did not seem real. It seems like Preston and Lily were just born. I guess we've just been too busy. I'll be checking to see how you all are doing. At least you are there during the summer. I hear the weather is a lot nicer. Take care. Love, Dawn

The Myers Family said...

I'm so glad ya'll made it there safely! What an adventure and a LONG day you had. Glad the babies were good..

Have fun in Canada. The people that bought one of our old houses moved to canada not to long ago..she said she missed TARGET..i think.

Hope ya'll have fun and get adjusted quickly!


The Schoens said...

I am glad you guys got there safe and sound. Sorry you had a bit of trouble but you ll know what to expect when you fly down here in October with everyone..
We miss you terribly and its not the same without you here.
I havent seen either of the cats or gotten phone calls. :( I bet someone is loving on them right now and just doenst want to give them up. I mean.. Kiki is the fluffiest cat ever!!

Katja said...

Hey Staci!! It was so great to see your blog entry. I am glad you arrived safe despite the customs hold up. I've done the trip and I know 'the cattle line'. I'll pray that the kitties show up soon and if not, that someone kind is caring for them. Miss you!