Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Topsail beach

It was such a gorgeous day here so we decided to go to the local beach. The babies loved swinging but kept falling back so I put Preston in the swing with Lily.

Lily why is your swing so high off the ground?!?!?

What a gorgeous view!

Just hanging around

Awww two of a kind

On our way home Ashley saw this waterfall so we pulled over and took some pictures.

We live just over that mountain.


Kim H. said...

How fun!! I love that you guys are out and exploring... that is so cool!

The Schoens said...

Wow. that is quite gorgeous!!
I love the siamese twin swing pics. Too cute!!

The Kikuchi's said...

Your twins are absolutely gorgeous! You don't know me and I hope you don't mind that I looked at your blog. My name is Emily and I am pregnant with twins and I am moving to Spring, TX from Honolulu.

I have been looking for days on the internet to start trying to find a doctor. I stumbled upon your blog and thought you might be able to give me a referral. Again sorry to barge in like this but I am desperate. My email is I would appreciate anything you had to offer.

Thanks so much!