Monday, June 30, 2008

Our unforgettable boat tour

We were undecided if we were even going to go yesterday since it was foggy and cloudy in the morning. The fog cleared and the sun partially started to shine so we decided to drive down to the boat tour site. We arrived in Bay Bulls about an hour before the boat was to leave so we decided to eat lunch. We found this restaurant/pub in town. I had seafood lasagna which was amazing, Ashley had fish and chips and Aaron had the crab legs. Lunch was great and the food was wonderful. We headed down to the dock and boarded the boat. We had the babies in individual smaller strollers because the double stroller would have been a pain. We brought blankets and jackets so they would be all snug and warm. Right away we went to the top front of the boat to get a better view. I noticed that the swells were huge and Aaron even said that it was a rough day. The captain came on the load speaker to mention the swells were 10 to 12 feet. Oh joy!!! All I could see is water and we were moving up and down and up and down. We started out at a wildlife preserve that was home to thousands of Puffins. We got the whole spiel about them then headed to the iceberg. From there I really don't remember anything the captain had to say because I was feeling very sick. Aaron asked if I was ok and I kind of nodded as I ran to the bathroom. At least I made it to the bathroom. I think what did it was I turned around to find a lady behind me sitting on the floor of the boat holding a barf bag. Ewwww.
We got lots of great pictures and saw the puff of water coming from the blow hole of a whale. It was an fun trip but I can say I will not be eating a huge meal before going back out on a boat.

All about Puffins:

The Atlantic Puffin is a small, pigeon-sized seabird which lives on the open ocean throughout the majority of the year, breeding in colonies on northern seacoasts and rocky islands from April to mid-August. Puffins lay one egg that is incubated in turn by each adult for approximately 39-43 days. The adults feed the chick fish for approximately 45 days, although that period may be considerably longer depending on the quality of the fishing resources nearby, after which time the puffling is large enough to fledge (leave) the nest. Puffins live at sea and are well adapted to this lifestyle. They are excellent swimmers, using their wings to essentially ‘fly’ underwater while using their feet to control direction. They hunt a variety of small fish including herring, hake, capelin and sand lance. Puffins do not come to land outside of the breeding season, flying, swimming or riding the ocean surface throughout the year regardless of weather.The Atlantic Puffin is the only species of puffin found on the Atlantic coast. The other species of puffin, of which there are three, occur only in the Pacific.

The tour boat coming in to pick us up. The babies all ready to board the boat.
Ashley trying to warm up against me.
The light house off the harbour.
Puffins in their natural habitat.

These birds are called common murres.

Iceberg that is only 3 years old.

Is it me or does this thing look like a PIG!

On our way back to land.

Hold on Ash!


Kim H. said...

Wow - how fun! John had the same experience on the FOH Men's fishing trip last year... I don't know if I could handle being out on the ocean either. I'm glad you guys got to see some cool things though!

Dustin said...

I'm so jealous..I wish we could be there with you guys...and like OMG!!!111one...I totally can see the "pigberg"