Thursday, June 26, 2008

Since Monday I have been working in the yard trying to get the flower beds done. As you may know I love digging in the dirt. I have not been able to do this for over a year since I was going through IVF then got pregnant then had babies. So this has been long over due. I dug out the old stuff and leveled it all. I decided to put down this black paper weed blocker type thing. I usually use Preen but here in Canada they don't sell stuff like that. After I put down the paper I planted all my plants and covered it with mulch. This has taken about 3 days of working off and on, between baby feedings, interruptions and running to Home Depot because I forgot something. Sunday evening Aaron was helping me and we were almost done when it got to be 6 and the babies were getting hungry. I asked Ashley if she could feed them. This is the video that she took while feeding them. They love it when sissy feeds them because they get all messy!

I will post pictures of the yard soon. I finally found a yard man. He is here now cutting the weed infested yard. I think I should start harvesting my dandelions. lol! Hopefully I can get rid of them soon. That is something else they don't have here. Weed and Feed. I had to buy strait fertilizer and hope the new healthy grass will take over the weeds. Stay tuned we will see how that works out for me.

Lately I have been feeding the babies homemade baby food. Not every meal but at least 2 meals a day. So far I have made green beans, peas, carrots, corn and bananas. Oh and the other day we had ground beef so before I put any spices in it I threw it in with some peas and pureed it. They loved it. They have had meat before but it was in the baby food from the store. It is usually chicken with veggies or sweet potatoes or some other combination. I am not trying to not buy baby food I just figure if we are eating the same thing why not put some in a bowl for them. Last night we had mashed potatoes so Ashley asked if she could give them some. Here are some pictures of that. It was after they had eaten so they didn't eat alot of it. I think they loved it though. Between mine and Aaron's family I don't think these babies will have any eating problems at all. We love FOOD!!!!!!

Monday Ashley and I went to pick up her jersey and soccer schedule. She is pretty excited. She is nervous because she says she doesn't know how to play soccer. I told her all you have to do is get it through the goal without your hands touching it. Easy enough right. We also found out that there will be 3 boys on her team. Now she is even more nervous. She is so boy crazy. Aaron and I are really excited to go and watch her and cheer her on. We went to the store yesterday and got her cleats, shin guards, socks and shorts. She wouldn't let me take any pictures of her so I had to sneak it. And here she is the new soccer playing ASHLEY:

Lily is all over the place she scoots on one arm and pulls herself with the other. I guess it's like an army crawl.


The Stone-Simmons Family said...

That was hysterical. She had it everywhere!!!! Love it! She even got the bibs backwards, haha

Just tell her to chase the guys w/ the soccer ball and get it from them! ha ha Looks like things are going well for you all. Miss you!

Kim H. said...

How fun - I love the video of Ashley feeding - what a mess!

I also love the "army crawl" that is so cute!!

The Schoens said...

Can I just say this is my favorite post thus far.
I love the vid of the babies eating and of Lily army crawling.
I love the pics of Ash. Can I just say.. OMG how gorgeous she is.. I know its only been like a month since I have seen all the kids but it seems like forever. I love you guys Mucho!!

Mama Jean said...

I am so glad all of you are having a good time. Miss all of you, read everything every day,miss all of you. Ashley is really growing, the babies too.
take care,
mama jean

Katja said...

Go Ashley, Go Ashley....I am so proud of that girl. She is just jumping into life in Canada with both feet! Tell her once she conquers that soccer field she needs to put on a hockey jersey and go kick some butt..hee hee. The babys are so adorable and I love the feeding pics/video. I can't wait to see the cake creations you guys make in your cake decorating class! Miss you!!