Saturday, June 21, 2008

I haven't posted much lately. It's been more of a here we are, we are all great, here are some pictures. This week Aaron has been in Germany. I knew he was going but didn't know it would be so tough. He had a global meeting that he had to give a presentation for. It was tough be cause well we are in Canada and we don't know a soul. Usually when Aaron's gone I head over to Tasha's or send Ashley off to her friends house if she drives me crazy. Not this week though. We have had to stick it out together and it hasn't been so bad. But when you have the babies and a 13 year old all wanting your attention and no one to pass the kids off to at 6 in the evening so you can get dinner ready, bathe babies and clean up it can be tough. Luckily Ashley IS 13 and can lend a hand. We have gone out to lunch, dinner and have been walking alot!!! I guess when you don't know anyone the best thing to do is lean on each other.
Preston has started to get up on his knees and rock back and forth and sometimes goes backwards. I have a video but have had a lot of trouble uploading it. Once it gets fixed though I will post it. It is so freakin cute.
We have not been able to get our yard cut. I have called 5 lawn companies and they are all booked. If I was in Houston I could get a mexican in like 5 mins to cut it. Not here. One guy said well ma'am you are already 3 cuts into the season we won't touch it. Hello it's not like it's a jungle. So guess what we get to do tomorrow. Yup that's right we get to go and buy a mower to do the damn yard our self. We are so used to Jose doing it for the past 4 years I hope we can manage. I think the hill is going to be rough, we will see though.

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Kim H. said...

I don't understand the 3 cuts into the season thing, but whatever - I guess you and Ashley will just get more exercise! You guys are going to have toned legs when you get home!