Saturday, June 14, 2008

All geared up for summer

We went Friday and signed Ashley up for soccer and some youth of youth things at the rec centre. It is ages 12 to 17 so she won't be doing activities with a bunch of little kids. She is signed up for a kayaking course, hiking course and I think the other one is a fitness extreme- Running, swimming and outdoors stuff. These are all 5 day course during the day so that should keep her busy for a few weeks. Soccer is 7 weeks. We also went and visited a place that has indoor rock climbing that she can go to open climb. She is really excited about getting out and making some friends. I can only entertain her so much during the day.
Today we cleaned and did some laundry this morning. Aaron replaced more light bulbs. I think while this house was on the market they left all the lights on. Since we moved in we have had to replace most of the bulbs. Today he did the outside recessed and flood lights. Then we went to downtown. For the past week I have been looking for my hair dryer and straightener. I finally realized I might have left it in the hotel. After calling them and confirming it was there we went and picked it up. We also went and bought jackets for Ash and I. They are all 50% off so now is the time to buy. We stopped at the store on the way home. Aaron wanted to make seafood chowder again. We don't mind though, it is so good.
I hope all the dad's have a good father's day!!!!

Love you

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Kim H. said...

Wow, it sounds like Ashley will have a great summer... I'm sure she'll meet some kids soon. Glad you found the beauty essentials - no girl should live without a hair dryer and straightener! :-)