Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The best friends and family

Chris playing with the babies.
Aunt D lovin on lily.
Aunt Tasha with all the kiddos. Kate thought she was Home Alone!
Girls night out.

I must say that I have been blessed with the best friends and family a girl can ask for. First of all my sister allowed all 5 of us to stay at her house for 2 weeks while our house stuff was on the move and we were homeless in Texas. She having her own family and a 2 year old opened her home to us. I must say it was good times. We ate some good food, after Aaron got home of course. hehe I kept pushing Whataburger but didn't have much luck.
On the Tuesday after memorial day we had a girl's night planned. My friend Jenn planned it all out. She invited some of my friends and we all ate dinner at BJ's Brewhouse. Then we headed over to the Chocolate Bar. I being from Houston have never even heard of the Chocolate Bar. It was not a bar, night club type. It was desserts, pies, chocolate, ice cream and HEAVEN!!!! It was so good. Friday my sister, Tasha and I had plans to go see Sex and the City. I was dying to see it since I was a huge fan of the series. I was so sad that our 4th girl (Deanna) couldn't make it since she now lives in Austin. We met Tasha there and when we took our seats there was this chick in the seat next to me practically sitting on top of me. I looked at Tasha and was about to make a rude comment about the girl next to me when she turned around. IT WAS DEANNA. She drove all the way from Austin just to see the movie with me. I was shocked and excited. You don't understand that every Sunday night we were glued to our tv's watching Sex and the City. If we weren't together we were talking about it on the phone when it was over. GOOD TIMES!!!! GTGT
Aaron's parents came in on Saturday to visit Houston and eat at the Pueb one last time. We didn't do much. Just visited and hung around the house. Yea my sister let them stay too. We had a full house but like I said before it's always good times. I love family and wouldn't trade anything in the world for them.
Anytime anyone wants to come visit just let me know. We would really love to have you. We have plenty of room!
I will miss everyone so much but remember it's only temporary.

I love you girls.


The Schoens said...

Aww.. Those are great pics.
I love the home alone pic lol.
We had such a great time at the Chocolate bar. Maybe now that you dont actually live here in Houston we can do some of the fun things that they have here when you come down to visit!!!
I love you girl!

Kim H. said...

We sure will miss you, but I'm so glad that you got to see everyone that you love before you left... that is so lovely!

The Myers Family said...

Glad everything is going well! Love the pics of the babies! Goodness they are getting big so fast! Hey, they have a chocolate bar in TX, right off of w. alabama st! It's AWESOME! My sister took me there one day for my birthday! We got the BIGGEST piece of chocolate cake EVER! It was seriously 17.00 for ONE PIECE of cake...but soo worth it! YUMMY!

Hope things are going well and your getting unpacked slowly!