Saturday, August 9, 2008

Google analytics

I love when I find tools to help me do the things I love. For example blogging. I love to blog about well, me and my family. I recently found Google reader which is a place to add a list of your blogs and it automatically updates when the blogs have new posts.

I have also found Google analytics. I found this one a few months ago but the data takes a while to process. Once processed it can give you reports about how long people stay on your site, which keywords they typed in to find your blog or where they came from. For instance 451 of my visitors are recurring visitors that have the blog saved in their favorites and visit often. 91 were referred from blogger and 41 came from another blog that has added me to their blog roll. Most of my visitors are from Texas and Louisiana which makes sense, that's where our family lives. What's surprising to me is that I have readers in Florida, California, Indiana, Kansas and Nebraska. Don't worry I can't see anything past the states. I don't have a secret report that tells me the names and address' of everyone reading. There are ways to set it up so you can set goals and reports but don't ask me how to do any of that. Now if you are not a blogger this probably does not mean anything to you. I just thought this was another useful tool from Google.

I do appreciate the people that view the blog and read all the craziness that goes on in our lives.

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The Mama Hood said...

I have heard of this but I never really knew what it was, I am going to try it out now thanks! Your kids are so cute!!