Monday, August 18, 2008

Our weekend

We had a really beautiful day on Saturday. Aaron, the babies and I were ready to get out around 8 am. Ashley decided after being woke up 3 times that she would rather sleep. So we left her home while we went to run some errands. Around noon she called and asked that we come pick her up. We picked her up and headed downtown. I have been wanting a picture of the colorful row houses of St John's but they are pretty pricey. Aaron took some and fixed them up for me and sent them to Costco. I picked them up today framed them and they are sitting pretty on my wall. I like these better because Aaron took them and they were cheaper.
After we went downtown we went to a park that is about 50 acres. There is a lake, a few playgrounds and a swimming pool. You have no idea how nice it is when the weather is pretty outside, we take full advantage of it. I am so glad we did because Sunday sucked, wind, rain and fog all day. Needless to say we sat inside and watched the Olympics. It's a good thing the Olympics are only 2 weeks because I have had enough. I have another post I am working on that you can look for in the future. It will be our rainy day entertainment, a snap shot of what we do inside on crappy days (besides clean with my ocd self).

As you can see from the post below Lily is pulling up on everything. I don't know what to do with her. She is not really interested in the jumper or exersaucer. Keeping her confined to the play room or area that I am in is ok but if I step out I am scared she will fall and hurt herself. I guess I can just put her in the pack and play if I have to put up laundry or only do housework while they nap. Preston is opposite. I can put him on the floor with a toy and he is still playing with the same toy in the same spot when I return.

Another question: When is the best time to get rid on the infant seats? These kids are getting pretty hefty. We already have their convertible seats I am just not sure when to make the switch. I find that we still use the infant seats. Like today they were asleep so we just took the seats out and put them in the grocery cart. They stayed asleep for 45 mins while in the grocery store. We use our stroller alot but also still use the infant seats.
When have you made the switch?


Dustin said...

Great pics!
And about your question.. there is not a time limit on how long they can stay in the carriers.. just a weight limit. If they still are good in that department and you guys dont mind lugging them around.. no need to rush them out of it. :D


Kim H. said...

I love the picture of the row houses - that is so cool!!

Kelly said...

I have twins that are close to 9 1/2 months old and we are getting reading to take our son out of his carrier b/c the limit is 20 lbs on his seat (30 on our daughters seat) I am not really looking forward to that b/c then you have to haul them out to the car individually to get them ready...they are heavy now in their carriers, but at least they aren't roaming around while I put the other one in the car. We also have a 3 yr old so I am dreading when all 3 of them need to get into a carseat and I am alone with them...good luck! Your babies are cuties!

Katja Stahr-Long said...

Another suggestion, if there is two of you along for an errand maybe transferring them to infant carriers (chest to chest) may allow them to continue their nap as you grocery shop; etc. I really liked the baby bjorn or a mai tai carrier myself.

Double the blessing said...

Great ideas. I have decided to leave them in as long as possible. Although it is difficult to carry a 15 to 18 lb baby in they are really easy. The other day at the grocery store Lily was awake and Preston sleeping so I put him in the big part of the basket and her in the small part. There wasn't much room but it worked.
Thanks for the ideas.

karen said...

I appreciate the updates. I think it is wonderful that I have access to a computer. The pics of the twins on the beach and your backyard are great. Ashley looks like she is getting taller. Glad Aaron's parents were able to come and visit and keep you company.

Look forward to talking to you soon and seeing more updates on your web page. By the way, Rhonda says you are beautiful as well as your children.