Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birthday and Christmas

Before you say "oh no she didn't" I did. I created a wish list for the babies for their birthday and Christmas. I figure instead of telling everyone what they would like for their birthday and Christmas I would just create a list. I know when I ask what does so and so want for Christmas I love when the person says exactly what they want and where I can buy it. It makes gift giving easy and returns non existent.
Obviously these are just suggestions and you can buy whatever you want. I have bought only a few toys for the babies (Tad and Lily leap frog toys, Leap frog drum and books). They also have a animal choo choo, learning table and a sit and stand toy that they love to play with.
They do have a favorite toy though. My cousin Dawn bought Preston's favorite. Preston will go and find this toy if it's not on the floor. I usually just try to rotate the toys they do have so they don't get bored with the same one. If I keep this toy in the toy basket he will go and pull the toy basket over and grab it out to start playing with it.

Lily has a favorite too. This was given to us by Aunt Tasha/Faron. Faron bought it for Katharine but she already had one so Tasha gave it to us. She loves this toy and will lay on it and get the music to start then lick it's face until the light goes off.

They can always use clothes too size 12 months and up. If your like me and you have already started to get an idea of what to buy for who for Christmas you can go to the wish list on the right side for toy suggestions.
As far as Ashley everyday her list changes. I think we will do for her what we did last year and that is give her a budget and let her buy her own stuff then I can wrap it and put it under the tree.


Katja Stahr-Long said...

I am like you. Spell it out loud and clear. I love wish lists! I usually do one for my kids but some of my in-law family didn't like it and thought it took all the fun out of gift giving so now I only do it for my fam. Anyway, Talia loves her glow worm too!

amy said...

How dare you make suggestions for gifts. Just joking!!! I think it's a great idea like a registry. If someone doesn't like it they can buy what they like. Do you have it set ip as a registry on toys r us?

Double the blessing said...

I have it set up as a wish list but you have to log in to view it. I think I might change it to a registry just so it's viewable by anyone.