Monday, August 4, 2008

Diaper dude

Preston has finally gone to size 3 diapers. Lily is still in size 2 but Preston needed to be moved to size 3. His chunky thighs couldn't squeeze into the 2's anymore. We still have about 5 boxes of size 3 from people who gave diapers as gift at the shower and after the babies were born.
We are on day 4 of fog and rain. We did go out to dinner last night with Aaron's boss who flew in from Calgary so he could go visit Aaron's office tomorrow. Between showers we have been going outside to try and get some fresh air. I have been told the sun is not over that August and Sept are usually really nice. I hope the sun comes out to grace us with it's presence when Nana and Pop (Aaron's parents) come visit.
We have been busy doing indoor stuff. I have made a few cards but unfortunately I can't show them to you because the people they are for read my blog. he he
We have had success moving the babies to 10 am and 2 pm naps. I guess with the weather the way it is it has been easy. If it was nice and pretty outside we would be on the road and that would make changing very hard. I have found that they sleep longer too. Preston has been sleeping 1 to 1.5 hours and Lily at least an hour.
Speaking of naps it's that time.

love Staci

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