Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Full speed ahead

Lily is officially a crawler.

Preston is also learning to wave bye bye. Aaron was doing it yesterday and he kept copying him. I will post a video as soon as he does it again.

Day 4:

Yesterday the girls and babies stayed home and the boys went to a local brewery and beer store. We needed to get the babies back on track their schedule has been a little wacky. We got to eat some of Nana's rice and gravy. Man I miss Louisiana food!

Today we are heading to the museum. We are keeping an eye on the hurricane since Nana and Pop fly into New Orleans and that is where it looks like it is headed.


Kim H. said...

Yeah, Lily! I can't wait to see Preston's wave too!

The Schoens said...

Look at her go!!
The beach house is going to be SO FUN this year.. hehe

Courtney said...

yeah... how fun. i can not wait for the boys to crawl.