Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 1

Nana and Pop got in late last night but we still sat around and visited until 1 am or so. It was so great to finally see them. We started off bright and early 6:30 am. Nana went in and got the babies when they woke up and she brought them to her room so her and pop could see them. When I got up we fed them and started our day. We went and ate breakfast then dropped Ashley off to catch her ride for her rock climbing adventure. The owner of the rock climbing place she goes to hosts a trip to Flatrock for a day of outdoor climbing. The rest of us headed to downtown, Signal Hill and Cape Spear. We had a jam packed first day for sure. We headed home in the afternoon for a little nap. Then went to pick up Ashley and out to eat fish and chips. It was a great first day but like Aaron said we should have done this the last day because it's going to be hard to top. You have to do while the weather is right though.

Nana and Pop in front of the most easterly point in North America.

Nana and Preston

Me and Lily (since I am never in pictures)

Nana with Lily and Preston
I have pictures of Ashley's trip too but I need to upload from my camera. I will post again later.


Anonymous said...

great to see you in the pictures! i'm never in the pictures either. you look great. that's awesome that you have that little beach area you take the babies to. is that near your house?

Kim H. said...

Yeah for visitors!! And grandparents too - what could be better for those babies?! You guys have a WONDERFUL time!

Double the blessing said...

Dao, yes the beach is about 5 mins from the house on a pond so fresh water.