Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tiger football

Every year Aaron anxiously awaits the start of the LSU football season. Since we live in Canada we decided to get the college game day so we won't miss a game. Except today........ since Gustov is lingering in the gulf the game was changed to an earlier time, we weren't able to watch it since there was another game being broadcast. We were mad at first but we still got to watch college football and enjoy our gumbo. Football also brings the start of gumbo. Oh how I love this food.
Aaron's parents left today and got to New Orleans in time to sit in traffic on the way home to Lafayette. Now the preparations for the storm start. I pray that his family (they all live in SW Louisiana) are safe from this monster storm.

Lily playing before bed.

Nana had a bright idea while she was here...... bathe the babies in the sink. Our tub is so deep that it's hard to bathe the babies in there without hurting your back. The sink is so much better. Here are some pics from their bath tonight.


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm excited to have found a new twin blog to read. I love the age mine are now (3), as they entertain each other so much!

Wow, Canada, huh? That's a long way from home. At least you have your gumbo recipe :)

BTW, Lily is one of the names we SERIOUSLY considered for our little girl.

Look forward to reading more from you...

Mama Jean said...

We all know that your thoughts and prayers are with us, but, we have the house battoned down, the pirogue(the one we painted green & yellow and had full of beer and ice for Aarons graduation. WOW What a party that was!!!! is on the patio waiting for high water..... Nana and Pop said had a wonderful time, thanks for the jellies. Can't wait for our turn and see all of you precious people.
love ya,
Mama jean and poppa

Kim H. said...

The babies look so cute in the sink! HA! I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the opening day of college football... I think John did too even if the Aggies didn't win.

I'll be praying for Aaron's family too!

shoeaddict said...

I'm here from Amy's blog. I live in SE LA. Your twins are so cute. All of your kids are cute.

Now, I want some gumbo.