Friday, October 24, 2008

Birthday party

It's cake time! Lily is such a girl.

You want me to eat this?

ok maybe just a nibble

that's all the mess she made.
You can tell this boy can't wait to sink his teeth into some cake

oh boy

kind of squishy

I think I will just dig in if you don't mind

yummy..... all done

Ashley's turn. She isn't as messy as Preston.

All cleaned up for presents
what do we have here
Just what I have always wanted
tired boy
love the outfit Ash
tired birthday princess
Why do we torture ourselves like this? Next time we will get a picture at the beginning of the party. All 8 of the great grand kids.

Another year has come and gone. I can't believe my Ash is 14. The babies yea I can believe they are 1 but Ash 14 where did 14 years go? I don't even feel that old. In a year she will be in high school, then a few years she will be driving, then off to college. Tear!


Kim H. said...

Great pictures! I can't believe that Lily didn't get into the cake more than that!!

Amy said...

I love how half the kids in the group shot are turning around staring at the crying baby! EVERY single year, we try to get a picture of the six grandkids at the beach, and it's been a disaster each time. Maybe this year...

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Isn't it amazing the differences between boys and girls? Emma was really dainty with her first birthday cake too. The boys, they just dug in! Cute pics, thanks for sharing!

Faron and Adrian said...

They were so cute eating that cake and couldn't have been more opposite! I told Adrian she was taking Princess bites and he was taking big boy bites! We are so happy to have shared your special day!!

Courtney said...

how exciting that they are 1. i bet you can not believe it has gone by so fast! happy birthday little ones

kim said...

Great photos. I love the tutu with the tshirt. Love it. Congrats on getting through the first year with twins!!!! It's tough, but so so worth it.