Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bottle brigade

Before we left for our trip the babies were only taking a bottle at night. Well that all changed when we were on the airplane, Lily got sick and well I didn't stick with it. So while we were in Texas I caved because...........it's so easy.
So I am back on the bottle band wagon and trying to only do bottle at night. The rest of the time it's sippy cup with formula/milk in their high chair during meals. I don't want the babies to associate whole milk with bottle so I probably won't get rid of the bottle totally until we do all milk. Every thing else as far as meals is great. They are on complete table food. Preston still refuses to feed him self. Lily does great but Preston will just look at his food and push it around. I have seen him feed himself so I am sure that he can do it. He is just a lazy boy I guess.


Courtney said...

alright... my kiddos are about to be one.... well in two months but what are your kids eating now and how are you switching to whole milk? did the sippy cups go well at first. i am just so confused about what i am going to need to do

Mama Jean said...

Preston's great uncle Royce was over 3 years before he would feed himself. Then when he started to eat, his vegs couldn't touch his meat etc., and he would turn the plate around and eat all of each portion of food on his plate, one at a time. Like Nana said we have never seen a high school mom feed her kids in school. It'll come around. Grant is now 9 and still won't take the time to eat. Nell just gives him an atomic shake that they make, it's helping him, cause I saw him eat for the first time Sunday. Now, Presley eats everything and anything, if she sees food she says "yum, yum" Andy wouldn't feed himself either. Aaron was a good eater, he loved okra gumbo. of course Aaron is our idol.:) As long as our lazy boy is healthy that,s all that counts. Strange how when they are small we worry if they don't eat, when grown, we worry that they eat too much!
love to all,
mama jean

Trisa said...

Maybe it is a boy thing. Mine are both on table food, but only Paige is all for feeding herself..and she will try anything. Nathan just pushes stuff around and makes a face for every bite of something new. I also can't get Nathan to use a sippy cup. They turn 1 tomorrow and Thursday so whole milk here we come!