Saturday, October 4, 2008


There are so many things going on in this house lately that I will make it easy by posting small tidbits of our week.

*Preston can crawl and it on video, will post tomorrow

*As I was taking pictures of the babies in the yard yesterday Preston let go of the tree and stood for a few seconds. I didn't notice until I looked back through the pictures then said "oh crap Preston is standing" will post pic tomorrow.

*Since Thursday the babies have only had:
a bottle at bedtime
half formula/half whole milk in sippy cups the rest of the day
2 jars of baby

*Aaron and I had a night to our self since Ashley stayed at her friends tonight. We watched Sex and the City (movie) I would recommend not watching that movie while kids are in the house.

*Today we bought a snow blower, snow suit for Lily and a swim suit for Lily. Gotta love when you can buy those things all in one day. The swim suit is 18 months and I got at Gap for $4. I couldn't pass up that deal.

*Elton John concert was amazing. I can mark that off my things to do before I die list. He played for 3 hours, just him and his piano. I cried when he came on stage and when he sang Tiny Dancer.

*Thursday Aaron and I went bowling, 5 pin bowling they use a ball the size of a softball. It was hilarious.

*We are getting ready for our trip this week. I am so excited to be in Texas and hanging out with the family and eating at all my favorite places. Whataburger, Del Pueblo, Chik Fil A, Sonic, look out we are coming to town.


Jen said...

Please tell me your secret to getting them off the bottles and using sippys! When did you start whole milk? Is that OK to start before a year. I want to be done with bottles and formula!

Double the blessing said...

I started giving them their formula in the sippy after breakfast and lunch while they were still in their high chairs and they did well. I just use a bottle to measur ethe water then pour into the sippy cup and add the powder.
Just last Thursday I started putting maybe an ounce or 2 whole milk.
I haven't switched completely. I have done lots of research and want to make sure I am not switching too soon. I probably won't go straight to milk until closer to a year. They eat really well so my fear of them not getting enough nutrition is not a factor. They eat lots of veggies, fruits, beans and lately meat. My goal is to be done with formula and bottles at a year. They have been on soy formula so I just wanted to see how they would handle the whole milk. I am sure the night bottle will be the hardest to get rid of.
Oh and when I give them their sippy I try to make sure they are in the high chair. After their meal I give it to them while I clean up.

Kim H. said...

YEAH!! The Dauphine family will be back in Texas... enjoy all the food!